Who we are
Izuba inafrica was created out of two entities. Izuba (Philippa Tumubweinee) which mean “sunrise” Rwanda and Inafrica designstudio architects (Denver Hendricks)

Who we are
We are a creative entity for the african continent for design, technical & energy efficient solutions. We are practicing academics teaching at the University of Johannesburg. We organically form a common view as to how the built environement is developing and evolving.

Who are our clients
Our clients are primarly stakeholders whom are willing to with us take a step back and take a fresh and creative look at the opportunities that presents itself wholistically and, together create a vision and a sustainable project with a life of it’s own that can be accountable for itself manifestation and the impact it has in it’s context socially, econimcally and sustainably.

What we povide
Our clients range from institutions that wants to re-focus their vision into a sustainable one, business owners whom want to make a iconic statement and residential clients either with shoe-string budgets and want maximum creative output or high income residential clients that want want a strong conceptual idea has their space identify with them and not spend it lavishly on creating fashiost and pastiche looking homes.

Why we do it
Because we are educators when we practice we consider the process to be an extension of our theoretical basis and view it as an exciting creative process. Not only do we then select our projects carefully and limit their numbers, but we also find that being involved in academia and research our clients and their projects receive maximum creative attention with depth. Each project is not a money-making exercise for us, but an opportunity to carve timeless and unique spaces that our clients can identify with.